Meet The Team!

The Biggest & Brightest Smiles in Texas!

Have you ever walked away from some stranger you just met in a store and said to yourself, "Wow, that was a fine and helpful individual. I wish the world was filled with people like that."

Come meet the Designer Diva Team!

Dee & Michelle

Dee & Michelle.

Dee and Michelle have been best buddies since 1972 when they graduated high school together.

Good design is making something intelligible and memorable. Great design is making something memorable and meaningful.

Dieter Rams

Michelle Puckett, Owner

Founder of the Largest High End Fashion Resale Store in Texas, 20,000 SQUARE FEET of Divaliciousness! A shopping experience you will love! Designer names you'll never forget!

The Unflappable Trina!

Hailing from the land of Stilton, scones, and high tea (England), Trina is a joy to have. Her sensible fashion awareness is the highlight of understatements.

Gwen Tilman

Our Newest Addition to the Tean - Gwen Tilman. Our Jewelry Specialist and Fundraising Representative.
Alex & Donnette

Xclusive Scents by D

Inspired Xclusive Scents by D. Scented oils and perfumes from East Asia. Inspired by the same Names and Fashion Designers that are hanging on our racks, without the extraordinary cost.

Sonny & Michelle

Famed Fashion Show Director & Host Sonny James Jr, IM2 - oversees every aspect of our fashion shows from its conception to the final presentation. IM2 works for a large department stores and fashion design houses across the country, for charity events, small retail establishments or up-and-coming designers.

The Fashion Diva Sassy Angel Eyes.

Sassy holds a degree in comfort, style and fashions. When not on patrol in the store, she spends her time at the assisted living home and the battered shelters across the city bringing hope and joy to all those who come into her orbit.


High Styling and Always Fashionable. Glennelle's brilliant smile and personality is perfectly matched to her style and charm.


We appreciate our hard-working volunteers for our non-profit Blooming Butterflies, helping helping shelters and the endangered Monarch Butterflies.

Here are a few of our qualified volunteers and their service years since 2005.

  • Russell -11 years (professional mover)
  • Dee - 10 years (owned her own boutique on Westheimer for 14 years - now retired)
  • Mona - 7 years (Parisian Seamstress for 37 years)
  • Charles - 6 years (professional mover )
  • Trina - 3 years (owned her own boutique for 27 years - now retired)
  • Judy - 1 year (school teacher for 47 years - now retired)
  • Patty - 1 year (worked at several resale stores - now retired)
  • Glenda - 6 months (back to college)
  • Iosha - 3 months (back to college)
  • Maria - 9 months (works at a dry cleaners by day, volunteers at night)
  • Glynelle - 10 months ( disabled in a wheelchair, volunteers to help with her MS)
  • Gwen - 4 months (corporate world - now retired)
  • Susan - 4 months (corporate world - now retired)
  • Genesis - 3 month (college student - intern)
  • Jennifer - 1 month (college student - intern)