2017 & 2018 Award Winning Best of the Best

The Largest Designer Resale Store (20,000 sf) in the State of Texas!

red hat society chapter-logo The store is laid out for serious shopping-sizes 00-20 are categorized, sized, and colorized. The Jewelry & Designer Handbag Section is where most of the high-end accessories are grouped by designer into 28 showcases.

Our VIP COUTURE FUR ROOM features: Furs - female-pelt full-length mink, lynx, sheared beaver red fox, silver/blue fox, capelets, collar attachments & hats. In the Couture Fur Room, you will find Chanel, Escada, Sheri Hill, Bob Mackey, Louis Vuitton, Couture St John, and so much more.

We specialize in evening clothing from prom dresses to St. John Evening attire.

Our onsite Parisian seamstress Mona received her degree in Fashion Design from Paris, France. She specializes in fur, bridal, lingerie, and custom-made items. If an item needs alteration, all you need do is consult with our seamstress to see if it will work for you!